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    Ecological Intelligence

    Ecological awareness is on the rise, but environmental depredation continues at alarming rates. While we cognitively understand that behavior has to change in order to save the planet, that knowledge isn’t enough to trigger change. We hear facts about “the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” but we still buy bottled water and throw away plastic bags. The disconnect is rooted in understanding the human brain – and the way our brains actually process danger.  

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    From Egyptian irrigation systems to Roman aqueducts to the dikes and canals of The Netherlands, the world’s civilizations have long found innovative ways to harness and conserve their water...
    Climate One in 2013
    In 2007, I had the privilege of leading a group of Commonwealth Club members to the Arctic Circle aboard a Russian icebreaker. For nearly two weeks, we explored Siberia and the Bering Sea and heard...
    The Goldman Prize at 25
    In a perfect world, prizes wouldn’t be given for environmental activism. So says the President of the Goldman Environmental Prize himself, John Goldman. And he seems nonplussed by the prospect...

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    Mountain Meltdown

    The snow sports industry is going through rocky times. A two-degree Celsius increase may be hard for most people to fathom, but its effects are clear to skiers and snowboarders. Climate...

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    Climate One 2014
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    The Current State of the UN...
    The United Nations climate conferences are in the midst of...
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    Using Technology to Slow...
    Companies around the world are coming up with new...
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    Ambassador Todd Stern...
    In December 2011, college student Abigail Borah spoke up at...
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    About Climate One

    Greg's Arctic Voyage

    In 2007, Greg Dalton and a group of Commonwealth Club members visited the Arctic Circle aboard...

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