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    Oil Ahead

    What impact will plunging oil prices have on California’s efforts to cut carbon pollution? One result will be to ease the sting drivers will feel at the pump when gasoline is included in the state’s cap and trade program starting January 1st. The oil industry and regulators have been sparring over how big an effect that will have on gas prices.  

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    New Food Revolution
    One more hungry mouth to feed? Try 9.6 billion – that’s the earth’s projected population by 2050, according to a United Nations report.   Dinner was on the table, figuratively...
    Keystone and Beyond
    One way or another, Canadian crude oil is coming – whether by land, by sea or underground via the embattled Keystone Pipeline System. Keystone has been heavily opposed by environmentalists and...
    Chasing Water
    “We live in a 21st-century climate with a 20th-century infrastructure and 19th-century laws and policies.” That’s how Peter Gleick of The Pacific Institute summed up the issue at...

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    Ecological Intelligence

    What’s really preventing us from enacting environmental change? Blame our brains, says Daniel Goleman, author of Ecological Intelligence. As he explains it, “The problem comes down to a...

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    Tech Startups Innovating...
    Katie Fehrenbacher, reporter at GigaOm, discusses how...
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    David Crane on his NRG...
    David Crane, CEO of NRG, recently wrote a letter to his...
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    Why Adam Lowry Started...
    Adam Lowry, co-founder and chief greenskeeper at Method...
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    Arun Majumdar on the U.S....
    "The best new story is that there's a tremendous...
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    About Climate One

    Greg's Arctic Voyage

    In 2007, Greg Dalton and a group of Commonwealth Club members visited the Arctic Circle aboard...

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