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    Video: Lisa Goldberg on the Carbon Bubble
    7/11/2014 | Watch video
    "We had a housing bubble that I think we all remember in 2008 burst, and there's concern that assets can be...
    Video: Josh Schein on Investing in Energy
    7/11/2014 | Watch video
    "Ten years ago, when I first ran a screen for the word 'solar' with my options, there were three companies that...
    Video: Andrew Behar on Exxon Mobil and Climate Change
    7/11/2014 | Watch video
    Exxon Mobil made headlines in early 2014 for saying, "We are confident that none of our hydrocarbon reserves are...
    Video: The Impacts of Climate Change on Wine Production
    7/11/2014 | Watch video
     "As climate shifts, there will be some places where wine grapes are growing today that won't be suitable for...
    Video: Climate Impacts on Corn & Chardonnay
    7/11/2014 | Watch video
    "One of the advantages that we have in studying impacts on agriculture is that a lot of people have been paying...
    Video: Insurance Industry Understanding Climate Risks
    7/11/2014 | Watch video
    "The insurance industry really has been out front of trying to really quantify and understand these risks for a...
    Video: John Hofmeister on a Drastically Different Future
    7/11/2014 | Watch video
    "The amount of change that will happen in the next 25 years is, to me, double or more the change that has occurred...
    Video: Matt Rogers on Industry Adaptation
    7/11/2014 | Watch video
     "I think companies that don't adapt quickly to the market that we're seeing will, in fact, get left behind,...

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