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    Video: Tech Startups Innovating Energy
    10/9/2014 | Watch video
    Katie Fehrenbacher, reporter at GigaOm, discusses how startups are working to make energy efficiency and conservation...
    Video: David Crane on his NRG Shareholder Letter
    10/9/2014 | Watch video
    David Crane, CEO of NRG, recently wrote a letter to his shareholders that was much different than typical shareholder...
    Video: Why Adam Lowry Started Method Products
    10/9/2014 | Watch video
    Adam Lowry, co-founder and chief greenskeeper at Method Products, discusses how all sectors of industry, including his...
    Video: Arun Majumdar on the U.S.'s Capacity for Innovation
    10/9/2014 | Watch video
    "The best new story is that there's a tremendous capacity for the United States to innovate in technology,"...
    Video: Climate Change and the Amygdala
    10/9/2014 | Watch video
    UC Berkeley psychology professor Dacher Keltner talks about how the part of our nervous system called the amygdala...
    Video: Dacher Keltner on Protection Impulses
    10/9/2014 | Watch video
    "I think parents, it's hard to talk about climate change to kids because there's an apocalyptic dimension to it,...
    Video: How Our Brains Process Climate Risk
    10/9/2014 | Watch video
     Author George Marshall discusses how throughout evolution, our brains have been wired to respond to a variety of...
    Video: The Climate Change Narrative
    10/9/2014 | Watch video
    Author George Marshall discusses how climate change as a narrative affects how our brains respond to the subject....

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