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    Video: Jonah Sachs on Why We Shouldn't Worry About Polarizing Deniers
    7/30/2014 | Watch video
    "You have to be careful about what you're doing for each audience that you're trying to reach," said Jonah...
    Video: Yoram Bauman's 5 Chinas Theory
    7/30/2014 | Watch video
    Stand-up Economist Yoram Bauman discusses economic growth as it pertains to China.  "In 2006, China passed...
    Video: Alan Weisman on Conserving in a Time of Urgency
    7/30/2014 | Watch video
    Author Alan Weisman said, "it's a time to conserve because it's a time of scarcity and urgency."  In a...
    Video: Alan Weisman on Global Population Growth
    7/30/2014 | Watch video
    Author Alan Weisman discusses how humans are the only species on the planet that affect the environment so greatly....
    Video: Dr. Malcolm Potts on Family Planning in Thailand
    7/30/2014 | Watch video
    Dr. Malcolm Potts discusses his work on taking family planning education to women in remote Thailand with Mechai...
    Video: Dr. Malcolm Potts on Educating Women
    7/30/2014 | Watch video
    "Women that are educated find it easier to jump over the many unnecessary barriers that we often put between the...
    Video: Lisa Goldberg on the Carbon Bubble
    7/11/2014 | Watch video
    "We had a housing bubble that I think we all remember in 2008 burst, and there's concern that assets can be...
    Video: Josh Schein on Investing in Energy
    7/11/2014 | Watch video
    "Ten years ago, when I first ran a screen for the word 'solar' with my options, there were three companies that...

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