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    Video: Wild Weather with Jane Lubchenco in Office
    1/21/2015 | Watch video
    "Little did I know, little did any of us know, how crazy that the weather was gonna be and looking back on those...
    Video: Naomi Oreskes on Doubt Mongering
    1/21/2015 | Watch video
    Naomi Oreskes, co-author of Merchants of Doubt, discusses the commonly used phrase, "I am not a scientist."...
    Video: How Secretary Ernest Moniz Got into Science
    12/19/2014 | Watch video
    Ernest Moniz, U.S. Secretary of Energy, discusses what inspired him to get into science.  "I was in those...
    Video: Secretary Ernest Moniz on U.S. Energy
    12/19/2014 | Watch video
     "We are addressing our energy challenges with, first of all, I would say three major objectives in mind,...
    Video: Cheap Green Energy or Expensive Brown Energy?
    12/19/2014 | Watch video
    U.S. Secretary of Energy discusses his opinions on the best way to get the public to utilize green energy.  "...
    Video: Canada's Climate Goals as a Big Energy Exporter
    12/19/2014 | Watch video
    "I think what Canada brings to the table here is going to be innovation on how we bring our oil to market, and a...
    Video: Keystone Pipeline Doesn't Fit in a 2-Degree World
    12/19/2014 | Watch video
    MIT and the International Energy Agency both recently released reports on the potential impacts of the Keystone...
    Video: Why Hasn't Obama Made a Decision on the Keystone Pipeline?
    12/19/2014 | Watch video
    David Baker, energy reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, discusses why the Keystone Pipeline has been such a...

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